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Utility Program Delivery

Satisfaction-SurveyPrior to becoming President of Oregon Energy Green, Buzz Thielemann founded our sister company, RHT Energy Solutions in 1998.  He and his team were among the first of the Energy Trust Program Delivery Contractors (PDC) for the industrial Production Efficiency (PE) program in Oregon.  Buzz was very innovative in the delivery of the program, paving the way for procedures of Energy Trust that are still in place today.  In 2007, Buzz received the Innovator of the Year award from the Portland Daily Journal of Commerce magazine.  We were told that this award was the first of its kind from this organization and was designed because of RHT’s innovative approach to program delivery.

With Buzz at the helm, RHT was also offered contracts to deliver the Energy Trust Existing Buildings and New Buildings programs.  In addition, we have performed engineering tasks for Bonneville Power Administration, Pacific Power in northern California, and Oregon Department of Energy in delivering the Cool Schools Initiative.

Currently, Oregon Energy Green delivers Pacific Power’s wattsmart program throughout Oregon.  This has been an extremely successful endeavor as we have conducted hands-on demonstrations throughout Pacific Power territory in Oregon and have received a 100% satisfaction rating from the attendees.

Oregon Energy Green has the proven expertise to deliver commercial, industrial and residential energy programs.  We can not only assist clients with identifying energy efficiency measures, but also work with the clients to ensure that they are receiving all applicable incentives to help offset project costs.  We are also outreach specialists who conduct professional presentations explaining the program and energy efficiency itself.