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Solar Project Management

Oregon Energy Green is commonly hired to conduct project management on solar photovoltaic (PV) projects. First, using a SunEye or Solar Pathfinder, we perform a solar site assessment to determine if the client’s total solar resource fraction makes them a good candidate for a solar PV installation. We analyze the roof mounting and tilt and the potential for a ground mounted system. We evaluate past energy consumption and the client’s tax appetite to determine the best kilowatt and financial offset value of the solar PV system. We determine what incentives are available, calculate the return on investment, and deliver a professional solar site assessment report to the client.

If requested, we then assist with forming an RFQ for solicitation of contractor bids, and then evaluate the proposals to make recommendations on which proposal best fits the client’s needs.

Once installation begins, we monitor progress to ensure that equipment is installed within the desired time frame and to the specifications of the contractor’s bid, as well as in accordance with code requirements.
Our expertise and reputation in this area affords the client the ability to continue with his or her normal business operations without having to be concerned about the solar PV installation.

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