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School Energy Audits

County Office of Schools Building (IR)

The infrared photo to the right shows high heat loss through CMU walls and the presence of a Quonset hut roof in this school facility.

Conducting a school energy audit is the first step to help our clients reduce annual energy costs and secure financial incentives and tax credits. The staff of Oregon Energy Green, as previous RHT Energy Solutions’ staff, audited 38 Oregon schools in Eugene, Oregon for the Oregon Department of Energy under the Governor’s School Energy Audit Initiative. The intent of these audits was to identify prescriptive measures that could be implemented to achieve energy savings, lower operations and maintenance costs, and improve student performance.     The audits resulted in identifying 488 energy efficiency measures for the school district to consider, combined which would save nearly $350,000 annually in avoided energy costs. These measures included retrofits of interior and exterior lighting, HVAC (including heat pumps, boilers, chillers, unit ventilators, gas-fired furnaces, convectors, radiators and others), kitchen equipment, office equipment, classroom equipment, hot water, water control, insulation, windows, air sealing, as well as energy management system upgrades. All audit findings were summarized in a report to the Governor.

Oregon Energy Green has also been assisting California schools with obtaining Proposition 39 funding to implement energy conservation measures in their facilities. First we perform a thorough energy audit on the schools, employing infrared thermography where needed. A professional energy audit report is submitted to each of the schools to substantiate our findings to be used for the basis of the energy efficiency measures for which the schools are applying for funding. We also prepare the schools’ applications to the State of California. So far, we have obtained $750,000 in funding for these schools.