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Energy Aggregation

Buzz Thielemann founded our sister company, RHT Energy Solutions, in 1998 and broke new ground by becoming the state’s first energy aggregator. Prior to creating RHT Energy Solutions, Buzz managed residential and commercial customers in Oregon and California for Pacificorp during his 27 year career with the utility. In 2015, Buzz sold RHT Energy Solutions and is currently serving as President of Oregon Energy Green, which was founded in 2013. Soon after the creation of the corporation, Oregon Energy Green also became an energy aggregator for the State of Oregon.

Since the beginning, Buzz has used his extensive knowledge of the energy industry to assist businesses in becoming more profitable. When Oregon Energy Green works with a client, the objective is to improve their financial bottom line with energy saving solutions. This may be through energy efficiency opportunities, renewable energy options, metering, alternative billing and rate schedules or the aggregation of accounts.

Aggregation can be accomplished physically or virtually. Physical aggregation occurs when either gas or electric loads are combined and multiple meters are removed so billing can occur under one meter. This can be beneficial if an applicable rate schedule permits buying bulk energy at a lower cost. Also, physical aggregation avoids the occurrence of paying multiple basic charges.

Virtual aggregation is the combination of electrical or natural gas loads to present to an outside 3rd party energy provider in a deregulated environment. Virtual aggregation can go beyond one client and can include multiple clients that have energy load profiles that complement each other and become attractive to a 3rd party energy provider. Both virtual and physical aggregation are a consideration as legitimate money saving options after a thorough review of tariff options are considered.